In Russia before the term came iPhone 11


Caviar a Russian company known for its modified smartphones phones for over a lot of money, has announced six versions of iPhone 11. Yes, this phone still not out officially, but in the sale, or to pre-order it already. However, the price you do not like it.

Caviar doesn’t tell you when to send your iPhone 11 on sale, and how many copies it will produce, but their value is already known, and it is several times above the price of the original iPhone, 11, in any case. The cheapest of the pumped IPhones worth 250, 000 rubles, and the most expensive, the attention, as much as 3 million rubles, and its memory is only 64 GB, as in for 10000 rubles.
The whole point – the design, the materials used, including gold and precious stones, as well as the exclusivity, because such devices will be extremely small. Recall that the original iPhone 11 announce 10 September this year, and they will be released in a couple of weeks since the debut. Then, apparently, in the sale and creation of Caviar, but there is a caveat – the characteristics of smartphones, though unknown, but 64 GB of memory in them are definitely not, a minimum of 128 gigabytes.


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