In Russia a new push-button phones Inoi


Russian brand Inoi released in Russia a new line of cheaper push-button phones. It includes models 109 Inoi, Inoi Inoi 249 and 289, and two of them are supplied with the function of the portable battery.

Older models, dubbed Inoi Inoi 249 289 and able to infect other devices, but in this case, the chip for chips, because inside them is a battery of 2500 mAh capacity which is not enough to fully charge a modern smartphone. Both phones have full-fledged connector USB Type A and a result, it can be connected for charging smartphones, tablets, cameras and other similar devices.

Inoi 289 – the largest cell in the series due to screen 2.8 inch, and Inoi 249 diagonal, as seen in the index equal to 2.4 inches. Are these phones 1800 and 1500 rubles respectively. The youngest representative of the series, Inoi 109, is worth exactly 1,000 rubles and can not charge other gadgets. In the list of characteristics included FM tuner, camera 0.3 MP of 2003, two slots for SIM-card, the output under earphones, Bluetooth module 4 and, of course, a flashlight.


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