In Rostov 96-year-old veteran of three years the pension Fund proves that she’s alive


В Ростове 96-летняя ветеран три года доказывает пенсионному фонду, что она жива

In the Rostov region 96-year-old woman, veteran of the great Patriotic war, may not prove the pension Fund that are alive and well. Officials to write off its accounts for three years do not pay her pension and even accused the veteran of the fictitious registration.
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The story of his grandmother, who because of old age, now lives with her only daughter in Ukraine in city Nikolaev, “Notepad Rostov” said granddaughter Catherine Shchelokov. According to the girl, her grandmother Tatiana Milokost born in 1922 and for many years was registered in the village Chertkovo in Rostov region. And only the last three years, when she began to need care, she moved to her daughter. For the pension Fund, this move was tantamount to death.
In February 2015 without any notification from the FIU Chertkovo to her stopped payment, and after a few months began to demand various documents (certificate of finding survivors, copies of passport and stuff, even twice I sent her an application form for restoration of accruals. All documents were submitted, but in February of 2017 came the denial of accrual of pension with charges of fictitious registration. And my grandmother lived in Sochi since 1966, – says Catherine.
According to Catherine, the FIU twice tried to sue her grandmother a criminal case on the fact fictitious registration, neither the police nor the Prosecutor’s office of the reason for this is not found. To prove his innocence and the right to receive a pension the woman had in court. Of course, it had to contact a lawyer. Tatyana Petrovna is no longer able to defend their rights.
– We filed a lawsuit in the court, and the court Chertkovo to satisfy him – says Catherine Shchelokov. But FIU Chertkovo, at the direction PFR across the Rostov region, appealed, and in September 2017 the Rostov regional court quashed the decision in favor of the grandmother. I guess that without notice, without explanation, to cancel the pension, and then two years of requirements documents and promises to restore everything, the Rostov regional court saw no violations of the rights of the citizen. Apparently, the district and regional courts each with its legislation. Amazes cynicism of the representatives of the FIU during the announcement of the decision of the regional court, they clapped!

Relatives of Tatiana Petrovna intend to go in this situation until the end: the lawyer submits an appeal.
– If this fails, we will appeal to the Supreme court. But there are no words to Express the shame and horror that fills me, when our country is done such justice to a man who went through the war and life was ready to die for the country, and in his old age, sick, bedridden, forced to fight for his pension! This, apparently, so FIU “bows” to the veteran! Soon my grandmother will be 96 years old and the biggest pain is the bitter resentment for the government, which it took an ugly turn. Did her grandmother leave, not waiting for justice? – Catherine asks.


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