In Rome will create a “black list” of tourists


В Риме создадут "черный список" туристов The precedent of the Russians.

The intention to compile a black list of tourists, said the mayor of Rome. Caught in the tourists re-entering the city will be prohibited.

A similar initiative in foreign embassies was sent by the mayor of the city of Virginia Raja. According to her, the city does not want to take tourists whose behavior may cause harm to the local attractions. The period of prohibition on entry to Rome will depend on the severity of the offense. As for the possibility of implementing ideas into practice, it will discuss with the Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Matteo Salvini.

While the reason for such statements, alas, was the Russians. Two tourists 35 and 40 years February 10, staged dances on the edge of the fountain, the Barcaccia in the Plaza of Spain. While the requirements of a custody order they disobeyed, resisted and struck one of the officers injuries. In the end, tourists were arrested on charges of resistance, violence, threats, and causing bodily harm to a public official.


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