In PUBG reported on the huge number of banned cheaters


В PUBG сообщили о огромном количестве забаненных читеровThe number of banned cheaters grew to 1.5 million.

The developers of anti-cheat BattlEye updated information about the number of banned cheaters in the game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. If November 14, their number was equal to 700 thousand, then a month later increased to half a million.

Despite tougher measures against cheaters, massively attacking game in the second half of the year, to protect yourself from them is not so simple.

Creative Director and Creator Bluehole PUBG Brendan green in an interview with Kotaku recently announced that most of the cheats and cheaters in the game comes from China. Players from other regions are encouraged to impose a ban for the Chinese to leave on their Asian servers. But green is confident that we should not overreact and ban the whole country because someone met a few dishonest gamers.


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