In Pskov detained by the military, which was sold to soldiers ‘ food to the pub


В Пскове задержаны военные, которые продавали солдатскую еду пивбару

In Pskov the dining room Manager and head of the warehouses of the 76th airborne division was sold soldier’s meal with the local beer bar. Both were detained, according to the telegram channel Mash.

Head of subscribed products in surplus, and the Manager reduced the portions for the soldiers. Saved products trucks exported to the bar “Carl Friedrich”. Writes the command of the division denies the arrest. According to the command of the airborne troops, we are talking about civilians. “Currently, the command of airborne troops together with the police carried out check of activity of the commercial organization that provided under the state contract services for the catering personnel of the airborne troops in Pskov in terms of outsourcing,” explained there.


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