In Portugal, the strike emptied gas stations


Monday, 12 August, Portugal began an indefinite strike of transporters of fuel, resulting in Lisbon and many cities of the country gas stations are empty.

“A Portuguese petrol stations sold fuel on Sunday after drivers rushed to fill up before the strike carriers of fuel, which began in the midst of summer vacation. Signs with the words “Empty” was hung on gas stations in Lisbon and in other regions of the country for a few hours before the start of the strike at midnight (Monday — ed.)”, — stated in the message, reports the with reference to

On the web site that collects reports of drivers, says that nearly 15 percent of the three thousand gas stations in the country are already partially or completely out of fuel.

According to media reports, an indefinite strike was announced after labor negotiations with the national Association of carriers of goods (ANTRAM) was defeated.

The unions insisted on wage increases for drivers and improved working conditions. At the same time, the ANTRAM representative called the decision to strike “a victory of the trade Union leaders, but a defeat for the workers.”

The Portuguese authorities declared a state of emergency in the energy sector from 10 to 21 August.

The previous four-day strike carriers fuel was held in Portugal in April. Then the protest led to a shortage of fuel for about two thousand gas stations and caused panic among motorists.


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