In Poland, told about the favourite village of the aliens


В Польше рассказали об излюбленной деревне инопланетян In this village have not seen the aliens.

In the Lublin Voivodeship of Poland, near the town of Opole Lubelskie, is a small village Amilin in which aliens have already visited twice, and not just visited, but, as they say, seriously noted here – so much so that in honor of them even put up a monument.

First visit dates back to may 1978. Early in the morning on a Sunny spring day, 71-year-old farmer Jan Wolski (Wolski pan) riding on a horse-drawn carriage on a country road, when he noticed two strangely dressed men in dark suits. The strangers was short, not more than fifteen meters. Jan when the cart reached them, they easily (without invitation) jumped on her and began gestures to show the farmer that he went there.

Later, telling all this to a ufologist Zbigniew Blane, who conducted the investigation of this incident (report published in the journal “Przekroj”, 1978), Jan Wolski surprised to remember that he somehow obeyed unquestioningly strangers, as if they were bewitched. Maybe its because the face was green and eyes were narrow, like the Chinese.

The strangers brought the wagon to some strange “bus”, which hovered over the tops of the birches. With the help of the “platform on the ropes” Jan raised in this bus which was almost empty (no controls, nor any booths or compartments), even without Windows, was examined by means of a mysterious device in the form of two saucers, tried to buy weird food in the form of icicles (the farmer refused), and then released.

В Польше рассказали об излюбленной деревне инопланетян

Back in the village, Yang reported the matter to his sons, who immediately went to see the “flying bus”, but he was gone, only footprints in the flattened grass and a strange run in every side of the path. However, the UFO in this day seen another man – six-year-old boy me what Adam from neighboring estates, who at that time was playing in the yard.

From his words it appeared that the strange plane was flying slowly and very low, and in the open either door, whether the window, the boy watched the “military with a green face”…

In 2005, when about aliens began to speak openly without fear of persecution from the authorities and that you’d have mad in the village Emilsen was even raised a monument in honor of this occasion. The inscription on it says that in may 1978 here landed UFO, but the truth is this needs to surprise residents in the future.

В Польше рассказали об излюбленной деревне инопланетян

And she really was surprised, though not quite Emilina residents, and tourists that near the village ran in 2016 on a UFO, around which bustled aliens. This meeting was not so friendly, as is the case with Jan Wolski, but modern technology has allowed all witnesses to take video.

Video footage of that mysterious collision in the forest we offer you and see in conclusion. However, this material is no so many details, as in the case of Jan Wolski and his meeting with the aliens in 1978, but the video is quite impressive. It has caused not only great interest among the Internet users, but also a lot of comments, some of which are as impressive as the movie itself.


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