In Poland, the vandals destroyed the grave of a Ukrainian priest and his family


В Польше вандалы уничтожили могилу украинского священника и его семьиThe vandals turned the monument and destroyed the inscriptions on the table.

In Poland, the cemetery in the village of Fredropol (Subcarpathian Voivodeship) vandals destroyed two of the monument over the grave of a Ukrainian priest and his family. On Friday, November 9, reports the edition Our Word.

“When November 1 at the cemetery in Fredropol came the Ukrainians from przemyśl to light the lamps on the graves, I saw some of the monuments destroyed,” – said the Chairman of perekisnogo division of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland (OUP) Maria Tocka.

According to her, unknown persons destroyed the tomb of Ivan Gnatmake, which before the Second world war was the rector of the Greek-Catholic parish in the village Ormanici (3 km South-East of Fredropol). In particular, the vandals turned the elements of the monument with the surname of priest and family members and destroyed the inscriptions on the table with his name.

The PMO intends to apply to the Prosecutor in this case.

It is known that the village Fredropol is located in Peremyshl County. In 1921 (when it was a town) consisted of 52 houses and 302 inhabitants, of them 269 Ukrainians and 23 of the pole. In 1947, during the action Vistula to the Western lands of Poland were evicted 395 residents of the village. Today, the material signs which confirm the Ukrainian past of the village, are the graves in the cemetery with the names of Ukrainian and wooden Greek Catholic Church built in 1860 (now Roman Catholic).


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