In Poland, the thieves dismantled the stolen Jaguar XJ


Remained only fragments of the body.

Jaguar XJ remained fragments of the body after falling into the hands of the hijackers, reports the with reference to Autoblog.

Police Polish town of Gliwice detained a group of individuals that hijacked the premium Jaguar XJ. It would seem like an ordinary crime story, but here’s the thing – when law enforcement officers found the car, it was only sliced the body.

Why this is done is unclear. Obviously, the Jaguar was dismantled for parts, but why would “touch” the body? That did not work onto them? Perhaps, but it did not give them the guarantee to be caught.

In the end, in fact, they were arrested. On suspicion in a crime the police detained the 35-summer resident of Lubin, a 40 – and 41-year-old inhabitants of Legnica.

For the offense he faces up to 10 years in prison. The vehicle law enforcement officials have estimated 150 000 PLN, that is about 35 000 euros.


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