In Poland detained a Russian brain … … beautiful


В Польше задержали российскую агентку The woman is a citizen of Russia and Cyprus.

Following the announcement the persona non grata of five persons, for inciting the Polish-Ukrainian hostility in Poland, the law enforcers detained the citizen of Russia and Cyprus, which was supported by the Polish Pro-Russian circles and passed on the Directive of the Russian special services.

“The border guard service detained the citizen of Cyprus and Russia, Anastasia S., which a ban on entry to Poland. Now started the process of her expulsion from the territory of Poland” – said Zharin.

From the materials of the internal security Agency of the country, it follows that detained agentka was in a group of five people who promoted the priority objectives of the Russian information war against Poland.

Reportedly, the Russian led, commissioned by the government agents of the Russian Federation, “consolidating the Pro-Russian organizations in Poland, advocated the denial and refutation of the Polish historical policy.”

Recall that a Russian citizen deported from Poland at the request of the internal security Agency of the country in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The internal security Agency of Poland found that the suspect was involved in the activation and implementation of measures in the framework of a hybrid war against Poland and was in contact with the special services of the Russian Federation. As a cover the Russians used the relationship with the Institute for strategic studies in Moscow.

In addition, he had the academic status and had a wide circle of contacts in the journalistic and scientific circles of Poland. The subject which it was most interested in was the Polish-Ukrainian relations.


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