In Peru found a mysterious Orb that fell from the sky


В Перу нашли таинственный шар, упавший с неба Local residents suspect that the object has an extraterrestrial origin.

Mysterious ball, the spitting image of a strange grey metal that fell from the sky in the vicinity of the Peruvian city of Lawrencegray. Most of the artifact is about 40 pounds with a diameter of over 1 meter. Falling to the ground, the sphere was left in her crater with a depth of 30 centimeters. Local residents, accidentally made this discovery, we are convinced that it is a “black box” with a flying saucer, or even dropped the “little green men” bomb, which for one reason or another did not explode. Meanwhile, skeptics believe that this is an item from the aircraft or an orbiting satellite.

When the witnesses went to the police, the police quickly arrived on the scene and took the subject with him. Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring notes that in Peru and first found these things. All the previous found of the sphere were collected by the authorities and were working in an unknown direction forever. In some cases there were even people in protective suits who have placed artifacts of unknown origin in sealed containers and only then taken away. According to many conspiracy theorists, intelligence agencies are well aware that these items come to us from other worlds, but the General public haven’t heard anything about it.

Perhaps it really was a “black box” of aliens or strange weapons. Maybe we are talking about the research office of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, or about the basic garbage that they leave on the planet during her visit – just like in the cult novel by the Strugatsky brothers “roadside picnic”. Like the mysterious balls, by the way, found primarily in Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and other South American countries. None of the common people no time to really study balls because spheres every time quickly came to law enforcement officers or employees of the government with the military or intelligence agencies.


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