In Pakistan, the militants recaptured the stolen five years ago family


В Пакистане у боевиков отбили похищенную пять лет назад семьюCanadian-American wife and their three children were held hostage by the allies of the Taliban for five years.

Pakistani soldiers got information from U.S. officials and released after a brief skirmish, the American Caitlan Coleman, her husband, canadian Joshua Boyle and three children kidnapped in October 2012, the Pakistani Haqqani network (a terrorist organization which is fighting in Alliance with the Taliban – ed.).

The military intercepted the car in which the militants transported the prisoners, near the city of Kohat in the North-West of the country. From there the family was transported by helicopter to Islamabad and is now in the American Embassy.

The pair were taken hostage while traveling in the region. At the time of his abduction in 2012, Coleman was pregnant, her children were born in Afghanistan. The militants tried to exchange the Coleman and Boyle on one of his commanders captured in Afghanistan.

The US President Donald trump said that the attentive attitude of the Pakistani authorities to the requests of the United States, is a “positive relationship” between the two countries.

The family return to Canada is complicated by the fact that Boyle refuses to fly American military aircraft at Bagram near Kabul in protest against what the Americans and their Afghan allies allegedly tortured prisoners of the Taliban. The Agency clarifies that the first wife, Boyle was the sister of a Pakistani militant, who was captured by Americans and spent ten years in Guantanamo.


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