In Overwatch was launched “operation Nemesis”


В Overwatch стартовала операция «Возмездие»“Retaliation” as last year’s “Rebellion” — a purely co-op mission.

The launch of a new event in Overwatch took place according to plan: from 10 to 30 April you will be able to survive another episode of the world game, and get a bunch of cosmetic items.

In “Retribution” the main characters become agents Blackwatch — a secret unit Overwatch, which is allowed to act contrary to the formal rules. However, job Reyes (later known as Reaper) allows himself too much audacity, so the four protagonists begin to fight off the minions of a hostile organization “Claw” and trying to evacuate.

“Retaliation” as last year’s “Rebellion” — a purely co-op mission. You can also look at the location in Venice, which later would be introduced as a map to accompany the cargo. New achievements, cosmetics, the return of “Rebellion”.

It is worth noting that the update “Retaliation” went indecently large: about 14 GB on the PC, to 18 gigabytes for the Xbox One and 21 gigabytes on PlayStation 4. The fact that Blizzard Overwatch repackaged resources in order to reduce weight further updates.


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