In Overwatch played on the spinners


В Overwatch сыграли на спиннерахKnown in the gaming community streamer Rudeism became popular thanks to one of the most unusual ways of playing.

The streamer recorded the video of how he managed to play the popular game Overwatch most unusual way. Ran the hero he was using spinners.

On the resource Reddit, he explained how his controller. Each spinner is located on the sensors that its movement is converted into a signal and connect to the circuit Board, which in turn is located under the wooden Board shown in the video. The sensors also capture what side of the spinning device. Two of the spinner responsible for the movement keys, two for aiming (horizontal and vertical axis) and one for mouse buttons (left and right). In this way game streamer may even use abilities, jump and ask for healing.

Rudeism known and unusual ways to beat the bosses in Dark Souls 3. Previously, he showed how he managed to kill the first boss with a dance Mat.


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