In Norway, the addicts will be to give free heroin


В Норвегии наркоманам будут бесплатно выдавать героинThe authors expect that the number of crimes due to drug addiction will be reduced

Norway is among the leaders in Europe in the number of overdoses, is going to conduct an experiment, during which the most dependent addicts will prescribe free heroin.

Oslo hopes that so their quality of life will improve. About it writes The Guardian, adding that now the Directorate of health and social Affairs is trying to determine which patients will hook the pilot program, how it is possible to implement and how much it will cost.

“We hope that this will provide a solution that will improve the quality of life of some drug addicts, which we do not have access and for whom existing programs,” said Minister of health of Norway, bent Goya. Norway has the highest mortality rate due to overdoses in Europe.

In 2015, per million population in the country accounted for 81 dead from an overdose. The above figures only in Sweden (88 deaths per million population) and Estonia (132 death per million population). See also Canada has allowed the medical use of heroin treatment Programs heroin has been tested in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark. They caused a mixed assessment.

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However, defenders of the program insist that it has improved the quality of life of drug addicts, to reduce the number of overdoses and to reduce the number of crimes. Norway is about to launch its program heroin treatment in 2020. According to preliminary estimates, it can take up to 400 addicts.


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