In Northern California due to wildfires evacuate thousands of residents


В Северной Калифорнии из-за лесных пожаров эвакуируют тысячи жителей The flame is inflated quite strong winds.

In the North American state of California announced the evacuation of residents of certain areas in connection with the fast-spreading forest fires.

An evacuation order was issued for the city of Paradise County of Butte, where about 27 thousand people. The city is located 290 km to the North-East of San Francisco. Forest fires can affect about 30 thousand people in Paradise, Concow and other small communities.

According to the representative of the fire service, the message about the fire came in at 6:30 am local time.

“The flame is inflated quite strong winds. We have a dry and low humidity. Unfortunately, this is the perfect conditions for the spread of the fire,” said Rick Carhartt, a representative of the Department of forestry and fire protection state of California.

We will remind that on October 8, 2017 in Northern California began a large-scale forest fires. Killing 42 people. Affected more than 3 thousand cars and more than 7 million homes and other real estate, mainly in the Northern part of the state, where is located the wine-growing areas.


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