In Nizhnevartovsk the police got a call about the shooting from the machine, referring to neh


В Нижневартовске полиция не приехала по вызову о стрельбе из автомата, сославшись на нех

“There are no available crews,” — so said on-duty police Nizhnevartovsk, when the Department asked the residents of the city with a request to come to the place of the accident, where an unidentified man opened fire from a machine gun at people. According to the “Evening Kazan” call to the police was not alone, however, the police refused to leave.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened in the evening the company of young people had an argument with an unknown man, he left but soon returned with a gun and started shooting. The company fled, while one of the young men, as specified, had buried something in the snow.

In the Network appeared the video with the scene.


At the time of the incident the police was not there. His work, they began to run only in the morning, the media writes. Local residents confirmed — morning dog handlers with dogs were looking for something in the snow.


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