In Nigeria exploded a fuel truck: 18 victims


В Нигерии взорвался бензовоз: 18 жертвThe tank fell on the turn.

The explosion of a fuel tanker on the highway, the Calabar-Odukpani in the state of Cross river, southern Nigeria killed about 18 people, more than 20 were injured.

As reports of the New China, that occurred on Friday, January 11, but confirmed information appeared only a day later.

It is known that the incident occurred after a car with a tank flipped over during a sharp turn. It is assumed that the driver of the vehicle lost control over it. The locals rushed to the scene to collect the spilled fuel.

Some of them used to do it with metal objects, which probably caused a spark. The sector commander of the Federal housing road safety in the state Chidiebere Nkwanta confirmed the fatal incident.

“We suspected that this happened because of the violation of the speed driver. He was slightly wounded, when my people visited the place of incident”, – he said.

“Unfortunately, the night some people went there and started scooping fuel, and an explosion occurred, which led to mass victims,” he added.

The victims, who received injuries to third degrees of severity, undergoing treatment at teaching hospital University of Calabar.


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