In Nigeria, during the attack by the Islamists had killed eight people


В Нигерии при нападении исламистов погибли восемь человекCapture Gudumba believe the first victory for the terrorists over the past two years

The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, which is the West African division of the “Islamic state” attacked the Nigerian town of Godumalai in the North-East of the country.

From the hands of the militants killed at least eight people, thousands of other residents fled to neighbouring towns.

Capture Gudumba called the first major victory of the terrorist group over the past two years after previous defeats. The head of the modern consulting group, Yan St Pierre believes that the attack demonstrates the growing capabilities and strength of the terrorists.

“In recent months, they have attacked increasingly large and important objects with increasing frequency and success. Perhaps, the situation will worsen,” he said. Representatives of the administration of President muhammadu Buhari has repeatedly claimed to have expelled Boko Haram from the country, and one of the highest military officials said that jihadists have been completely defeated.

However, recently the former Vice President of Nigeria Abubakar Atik warned that the group “Boko Haram” is not only not broken, but is going to return previously lost territory.


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