In New Zealand, the hotel owner videotaped women in the shower


В Новой Зеландии владелец отеля снимал на видео женщин в душеHidden cameras were hidden in bottles of shampoo. The man replaced the bottle, and the resulting video published on the Internet.

The hotel owner in New Zealand hid a camera in the shower and shot the women when they bathed. Then he published these videos on pornosayte and detail describing them.

The man who shot the women – the owner of a hotel in New Zealand. Because of this he had access to every room, so I could hide the camera in advance. A hiding place for them were bottles of shampoo.

The man turned on the camera by remote control. The night he replaced the bottle, she uploaded the video onto the computer and post videos on pornosayte.

All he has done 219 hidden records in the period from December 2017 to February 2018. Some of them are male has published on a pornographic website with a detailed description about women.

Most of the victims – a 30-year-old woman. The camera was filming them from the shoulders to the knees, however, the person also often seen.

Women stayed in the hotel for varying lengths of time – from one night to two weeks. That they were women, police said. In a statement they said they were shocked and humiliated by the actions of men.


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