In new York the activist climbed on the statue of Liberty


В Нью-Йорке активистка вылезла на статую СвободыThe NYPD said that the actions of the activists were a threat to public safety.

At least eight people, including a black woman who climbed on the statue of Liberty Independence Day USA, made loud protest against the immigration policy of the current administration.

“The woman climbed on the pedestal of the statue of Liberty, seven people were arrested on Liberty island (where is located the monument, which is considered one of the symbols of the USA – ed.). All of them are reported to be participants of the protest action”, – confirmed by sources in law enforcement bodies.

The name and age of black female activists is not known, but it is known that it is associated with the group “Rise and Resist”. The organizer of this group confirmed to the channel that the protest was really being planned. The activists were holding the slogans that called for the disbanding of immigration and customs police of the USA. However, according to the initiator of the action, the woman climbed on the pedestal of the statue of Liberty without the knowledge of the other protesters.

Law enforcement officers and rescue workers several hours negotiating with the woman. Liberty island completely evacuated from the visitors.


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