In Moscow, the police has not allowed to open the first Church of the Flying spaghetti monster


В Москве полиция не дала открыть первый храм Летающего макаронного монстра

On Friday, April 29, the capital pastafariane was going to open the temple of their religion in one of the Moscow cafes in the area of metro station “Avtozavodskaya”. Recall that pastafarianstvo — this is a parody religion. Its adherents worship the creature from the pasta and meatballs. They point out that in other religions as objects of worship look as strange from the point of common sense. A symbol of rastafarianstva is a colander that believers can wear on your head, and you can not wear. There are about 100 thousand active pastafarian. As the leader of the Russian pastafarianskaya Church Patriarch Purees Pasta III (secular name Yuri.) that the idea of the Flying spaghetti monster about 12 thousand fans.

In March this year, the Russian pastafariane has opened his temple in Nizhny Novgorod. According to the teachings pastafariantsev Flying spaghetti monster does not approve of spending money on construction of special buildings for worship — instead, he offers to spend money on charity and education. So pastafariane think temple any institution where there is beer and pasta and where adepts can regularly gather. The evening of 29 April, the Moscow believers in the spaghetti monster tried to hold a first meeting at a cafe near the metro station “Avtozavodskaya”. The appointed time came about 15 pastafarian, but here they were met by police, drove up in two cars. The guards said Patriarchy that against believers “preparing a serious provocation,” and warned that will not be able to ensure their safety. Law enforcement is highly “not recommended” to open the temple on this day. They were supported by the guards of the business center that housed the café, they stood at the door and didn’t let people inside.

Previously adherents of parody religions has been strongly criticized by so-called Orthodox activists. In 2013, the movement “God’s will” tried to break another campaign — pasten move. Also, activists often threatened the adherents of the religion in social networks: some examples published on the website pastafarianskaya Church.

“It is clear that these provocations are all the same “God’s will”, “Night wolves” or some “Forty sorokov”,— said “Kommersant” Maxim pastafarians with an orange colander on his head.— We decided that for our safety and the safety of the café it is better to temporarily postpone the opening. According to him, Orthodox activists he next saw. “I think that today they will try to disrupt black metal concert of the famous foreign group Abbat, and we just sent black mark through the police.”

Patriarch Purees Pasta III told “” they “are going to open the Church at other times, which will be announced later.” To the cafe came all new and new members with a colander on his head, still not knowing about the cancellation of the event. The administration has made believers of several servings of pasta in a box as an apology for disrupting the event. Fans of the Flying spaghetti monster sad eating pasta, consoling each other with “where are we eating pasta, there is a temple.” “Celebrate Pasko as I can,” encouraged the believers Patriarch. “Sorry Enteo not come himself, he would have got me a colander on the head,” muttered one of the believers. However, companions with a sigh reminded him that pastafarianstvo is a religion of peace.

“Action canceled scoffer,— wrote in his microblog the leader of “God’s will” Dmitry Larionov (known under the pseudonym Enteo).— I am grateful to law enforcement for the fact that they responded to our claims and put a stop to the blasphemy pastafarian. We adequately cope with the task of protecting Moscow from Satanism, blasphemy and propaganda of sodomy”.


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