In Moscow ahead of 2018 world Cup bypass the police detained Navalny stock


В Москве перед ЧМ-2018 полицейские обходят задержанных на акциях Навального

In Moscow the police ahead of the world Cup bypass the detainees informed on the shares of Alexei Navalny and demand from them explanations. This “Mediazone” said a supporter of the libertarian party of Oleh Nevidomy, as well as activist Ilya Pakhomov.

As reported Nevidomy, exactly a year ago on 12 June he was detained at the anti-corruption action Navalny in Moscow, and then fined on 15 thousand roubles, having recognized guilty under part 5 of article 20.2 of the administrative code (violation of procedure for public events).

According to the activist, police twice tried to take his explanations on the fact of detention and the minutes since the fall of 2017. But the young man wrote the denial, citing the 51st article of the Constitution. 10 Jun activist again called the man who had the district.

As reported Nevidomy, the police asked him to give an explanatory, in which a young man promises not to break the law during the 2018 world Cup, as well as not to participate in the fan movement and mass rallies. What is meant by “mass actions”, the policeman explained.

“The policeman said that he descended lists that need to work,” explained Nevidomy.

Activist Ilya Pakhomov in an interview with “Mediazone” also said that in the afternoon of 12 June at the place of his residence came a man who introduced himself as a police officer and demanded to be let home.

“To the question “What do you want?” he answer is not really wanted, but then said that he needed to get an explanation on the fact of violations, as well as to take the receipt that I undertake not to violate public order during the world Cup. Parents who were home, politely declined and the door was opened,” — said Pakhomov.

As said by the activist, he was detained on 5 may in Moscow, shares the Bulk “He’s not king” and has made concerning it the Protocol under part 5 of article 20.2 of the administrative code. The court in his administrative case on 28 June.

On the eve of “the New newspaper” with reference to sources wrote that in Dagestan, police take a receipt on his own recognizance outside the country during the world Cup people ever tried under articles of terrorism and participation in illegal armed groups.


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