In Mexico, the dolphins tried to drown a 10-year-old girl


One of the coaches managed to grab the victim in a life jacket and to pull out of the water.

Mexican dolphinariums two bottlenose dolphins attacked, bitten and tried to drown a ten-year girl from the UK that was swimming in the pool with them.

The instructors ordered the Dolphin to stop, but they didn’t listen. One of the coaches managed to grab the girl’s life vest to pull out of the water.

“It was awful. I was afraid that she would die,” said the 40-year-old girl’s mother Laura Yeo. Feet girls left bite marks, wounds, deep cuts and bruises.

At the resort there was a mass release of dolphins

The incident took place at Dolphin Discovery in Cancun, Mexico, Mexico, where the family Yeo spent her vacation. They paid for the tour, organized by tour operator TUI, seven thousand pounds. Swimming with dolphins was part of the tour, however the tour operator did not apologize to the victim’s family.

“We don’t got no flowers, no cards, no Teddy bears for lexi,” said the mother. Also she was outraged that the dolphins that attacked the girl, continued to work with people after the attack.


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