In Mexico found a frightening burial


В Мексике нашли пугающее захоронение Age strange grave – more than two thousand years.

The capital of Mexico — Mexico city — built on many graves, so there is nothing unusual in the fact that citizens from time to time find human remains.

Once again a strange tomb found archaeologists in Tlalpan. In a round hole somehow lay ten skeletons, arranged in a spiral. It looked rather strange, reports Live Science.

As experts assume, the tomb of the approximately 2400 years. This is the first burial of the pre-classical period that have been found, experts say.

In the tomb rested the young people (male and female), children (one child is older, and the second baby) and some other people. Several skeletons were wrong skull shape, and other — damaged teeth.

In addition to the human remains, found in the tomb of kitchenware made of ceramics (vessels and bowls) and stones. Now scientists are trying to figure out what it all means. Perhaps spiral the location symbolizes the stages of life? After some time, the situation should become clearer.


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