In Magnitogorsk the anonymous patron of art scattered around the city of 50 million rubles


В Магнитогорске анонимный меценат разбросал по городу 50 млн рублей

Unknown scattered through the streets of envelopes containing banknotes of different denomination.

According to the website “Ostrov.Info”, local residents put forward many assumptions, to the extent that the envelopes can be dangerous substances. Money wrapped in printing envelopes on the type of well-known Soviet lottery “Sprint”, was found on the Forecourt and in other parts of the city. The bewildered townspeople at first thought the money was fake, but the ATM took the bills and enrolled them into account.

The initiator of an unusual flashmob was a resident of the city named Artyom who is not willing to reveal yourself. He admitted that the life he was missing, but that is the money to spend on himself he didn’t want.

Just believe me, I have a certain philosophy that does not allow me to accept the idea that “money does not smell”. On their hard-earned money I live quite happily. But the money came to me by accident, but by accident they will find themselves the new owners, explained the patron.

Artem put in the envelopes of banknotes of from 50 to 5 thousand roubles, and from 1 to 100 dollars. The man just wanted to help people experience pleasant emotions and to solve their problems.


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