In Lviv appeared new route gastrotour gourmet


На Львовщине появился новый маршрут гастротура для гурмановSnails, fish, cheese, meat, and more.

Snail farm, agrarian, fisheries, family farm in Pustomytovskiy district and the Museum of folk architecture and life in the regional centre joined the route of gastrotour, who proposed the Lviv journalists by the Department of tourism and resorts of regional state administration. Each of the points of this route was opened a delicatessen opportunities in the region, able to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Delicious journey began a few kilometers from the city – in the village Bowl. Here on 1.5 hectares of land is unusual for Ukrainians farm “Zakhidne ravlyk”. This kind of business founded by the wife Irina and Ivan Zecevica. To breed edible snails they started last year. Purchased breeding material in Portugal, Spain and South Africa. Since then, both on the farm first settled clams, “herd” has grown to an industrial scale. Snails have Yskawica willing to buy luxury restaurants, Irina and Ivan present their delicacies during festivals. And in the nearest future Lviv snails “creeping” of the border with Western Europe.

Journalists also tried tart of Burgundy snails under and pesto sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. In General, the menu of the farm – more than a dozen dishes, each of which is remembered for its unique taste. So tourists recorded to visit a snail farm for three months in advance.

Shop “Horlogere”, which became the next point of our tour, created to promote the products directly from the manufacturer. Here you can buy wide range of products: milk, cheese, meat, chickens and eggs, live fish, pates, jams, bread, honey, vegetables and even snails with a variety of sauces.

Another “highlight” of the tour – breeding and fisheries “Carpathian waterfall”. In addition to “local” carp, carp, catfish, grass carp, roach, pike, here for the second year bred sturgeon and walleye. Feeding fish corn feed use only. The products comes not only in shops and restaurants.

Here you can come on a fishing trip or a family vacation and to personally roast the fish on the grill. How delicious it is, had the opportunity to rate journalists. And acting General Director Oleg Gabuda proudly said that during Euro 2012 in “the Carpathian vodograi” stayed and tried the fish menu of the Danish Prince.

Farm “Agrochem” in Selys’ko Selo, Pustomyty district, is also a family affair. The couple Oleg and Anna Tymchyshyn hold 29 dairy cows of Holstein and Jersey breeds. As well as race horses, poultry, goats.

From the milk it is made of high quality cheeses, which take prizes at exhibitions, are popular in shops cooperating farm. Gastrorresistente economy is ready to take from April to October.

Ended gastrotour tasting “Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians” at the Museum of folk architecture and rural life named Clement Sheptytsky. Here presented regional products of Lviv, Zakarpattya, Carpathians and Bukovina. “Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians” – is the farmers ‘ Union which started to operate in 2014. It covers a wide range of agricultural products (raw materials and processed products). Ukrainian salami, Parmesan, soft cheeses, drinks, jams, honey, hemp, and caraway oil, herbal tea, give an idea of how traditional the menu of our ancestors, and today’s Ukrainian farming, which develops new products and enters them in the domestic and foreign markets.


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