In London posted a satirical billboards with Putin


В Лондоне разместили сатирические билборды с ПутинымMoscow has repeatedly denied the charges.

A group of unknown activists placed all over London satirical billboards dedicated to the celebration of the “contribution” of the Russian military intelligence and President Vladimir Putin in Brexit.

The Agency reminds, the UK stated that it found no evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 referendum on Brexit.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the charges, while opponents Brexit pointed to the possible role of Krmela.

The Billboard shows the President of Russia, who is holding a Russian flag and a wink, next to the text: “Let’s celebrate red, white and blue Brexit”. The letter “R” in the word “Brexit” has been deployed and is reminiscent of the Russian “I”.

In addition, on one of the billboards featured a former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson depicted as a Russian paratrooper.

The group anonymous, which claims that is behind the Billboard campaign, says she is “a group of officers of the Russian military intelligence (GRU), which seeks recognition of its current role in voting for Brexit”.

“The group hopes to overcome recent unjustified negative “glory” of the GRU, by placing the advert, which highlights its role in the imminent release of the UK from the EU”, – reads the statement of the anonymous who called himself a “Proud bear”. As you know, Britain has accused officers of the GRU in the double poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

Anonymous in his Twitter also published a video in which Putin goes on the dog with the face of the main sponsor of the Brexit campaign, the Arrone banks.


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