In late autumn


Gone is the Golden autumn. For a long time and stood still Sunny days, enmeshed in webs of light — messengers of “Indian summer”. And it seemed it would last forever: these foggy mornings and mild days filled with Golden light. But one morning suddenly tightened haze clear sky, the wind blew fresh, and the night the first snow fell, preparativ black ground. Came ice several, and was uncomfortable in this world, cold in a matter of hours.

There is in this kind of weather has its own beauty and benefits. Sad time it’s only for people sad and thermophilic perceiving the arrival of early winter, as a personal tragedy. Yes, and not yet winter. It is only her “scarecrows” in the form of harsh winds and early snow. Even thaw nature and tears drizzly rain, throwing mud.

But the water is cold in winter and is unlikely to be warmer. So, it’s time for burbot. Only this night-time hunter like cold and ice water. Most of his time. Before the winter spawning of this predator feeds intensively and robs the long nights of late autumn, attacking the already sluggish fish, rolled in wintering holes. And not hesitate, and his brothers smaller, giving it away, they seem even a preference. Apparently, because of progettisti and tenderness small kalinchikov…

On zakidushki

There is probably no easier gear than rod and trotlines for catching burbot. And the amount of the hook is not very confused by this greedy night of the hunter. Therefore, feeder snap can only be used as a fluorescent gear left overnight in water. It makes no sense to use them for the intended purpose for catching burbot. The simplest zakidushki — that’s the most comfortable gear for night fishing in the wind and cold. These primitive trotlines consist of a main fishing line is wound on motoviltse, heavy flat lead sinker and leash with a large hook at 10-15 cm above the sinkers. Two of the leash it makes sense to put only if the scheme, when one of the leads will be in front of the sinker in the sliding monochrom version, and the second tied above the sinker. This scheme is used because of the fact that burbot are almost never takes the hook of the second leash, if it is tied above the first leash, which is about 30 cm from the sinker. All night the grasp of a predator are mostly from the bottom.

In a rough snap zakidushek that at first glance is a minus, has its advantages. When the hands ache with the autumn cold and icy waters, slim snap-in will be unbearable for numb hands and invisible at night. In contrast, line thickness 0.6 mm is well visible in the sand and is easily held by fingers when casting.

Fishing line is routed rings on a clean shore, another light time trial test casts to determine the border of shallows and holes to set the length of the main line. Dusk hooks zakidushek nazhivljajut worms-Nightcrawlers, pieces of sliced fish (roach and other “white” fish, ruffe, minnows) or must be mounted live fish, it is better for twins. Then a sinker is thrown upright in the desired location on the fishing line with a loop to hang the bell. Fishing line is fixed in the flexible split withy. The bell can be worn during playing and casting. This makes it easier to catch, although you need to constantly rinse it or wipe the bell with a rag.

For fishing on the overgrown grass and bushes of the shore, where lay the line of rings used in the elementary “bezynertsionnoj”, which is a plastic bottles. On the transverse recess of the bottle is wound fishing line diameter of 0.4 mm, and the casting made with hands, pointing the bottle perpendicular to the river, like a spool of bezynertsionnoj. A thicker fishing line will be collected in a springy ring and confused.

Instead of bells it is possible to apply the feeder bells, fixing them is not on the line, and the thin tip of the rod. This further simplifies fishing. Besides, the bells have phosphoric details visible in the dark that are also used to determine the bite. Burbot are not always actively twitching on the hook, and the bell often silent when smooth poticaj night predator.
Not to pull the fish hook from the throat burbot, you need to have spare leashes. It is easier and faster than to do the surgery, my warming hands. The leash is fastened to the clasp with swivel mounted on the main fishing line.

In the autumn large burbot takes on fish, alive or cut, especially the ruff. Only it is not necessary to cut off this gloomy inhabitant of the depths of his spines. Burbot very well controlled with them. Bite on the fish more rare. Therefore, it is necessary to put the bait tackle and worms, and fish. Usually the best time for burbot out — until 12 o’clock in the morning, starting from 9 o’clock, sometimes earlier. By the morning of burbot caught worse.

On spinners and silicone in a plumb

Fall fishing with spinning lures and silicone baits distributed, of course, much more than on the same bait, the only way sheer trolling. Meanwhile, catching in a plumb in the off-season can be quite successful and represent something like a General rehearsal before the first ice.

If we talk about the spinners, then to plumb in depth the use of heavy lure: techgranny for walleye, kastmaster, heavy spoons, pilkery, foam fish on a jig-head or on gruselig “Cheburashka” and, of course, silicone. And lately, silicone has become edible, smelling some aquatic animals, fish, shrimp, crayfish. This tire is also suitable for plumb. For perch fishing at shallow depths are very effective at this time, vertical perches spinners. Here, at medium and shallow depths, often very good perch caught on small twisters.

The game technique is very simple and consists only in lifts the bait and lowering it down to the bottom. The twisters are very actively playing with their large “tails”. Okuniew in a good place at the right time, such fishing can be very successful, especially if found experimentally catchability bait. The last time I used the rubber, and it is often the little twisters or silicone worms bring good luck in the form of medium to fairly large perch.

Bait, running vertically, are of great advantage in the speed of the process of catching when compared with spinning speed wiring. Buying and efficient game of spoon in a plumb can be very effective if found a flock of perch. Here you need only to quickly remove the prey and then immediately drop the bait to the greedy jaws of a predator. Winter silver plated bleszinki often hard compete in success with small bright or, on the contrary, modestly colored, but the smell of cancer by twisters.

Fishing for walleye in late fall also happens to be the most successful on vertical spinners than spinning. However, it depends on the specific reservoir and space. But in the Volga the edge of the Volga region there is no more efficient gear than the short spinning rod with a nod or winter walleye’s spinning with harsh winter or a massive lure with lead jig, the hook which sits whitebait. A recent pike perch spoon-bait takes mostly only by sprat. The spinner can be quite a simple, often hastily made with homemade. Even almost does not deviate in the direction of bait-nails with a hooked trout often exploit planners spinners. In the monotonous and primitive game “studs” there is apparently something fascinating to perch. The game is short skidah spinners from the bottom, but sometimes it is necessary to change the nature of the game and go to a more smooth and wide the lifts spinning.

Pike are not actively taking bait in a plumb, but sometimes on a deep edge quite successfully caught on the summer spoon lures. Very effective work is quite wide Finnish lures are designed for fishing in the summer and early fall. For these lures requires a short and sharp stroke of the spinning. Given this makes the bait far away from the vertical line and to make many oscillating movements during his fall to the bottom. Even at the bottom of this lure performs a damped motion, spinning around itself. Often these spins and follows the grip of a predator. Therefore, it is necessary to pause, even deliberately peredereeva her. Often it paused impatient anglers are losing a lot of potential bites.

For fishing at depths sometimes fit very well the lure of the glowing silicone the heavy-eared gruselig-“Cheburashka”. Quite a large fluorescent twisters, shrimp, octopus, and other lures, marked the depth, are often productive in the evenings and early sorami. Also work well in a plumb and a foam fish. They “poke” at the bottom and stand almost vertically, hovering under the streams flow. Such a non-standard game often attracts curious large predators. In late autumn are not uncommon for the fish to bite the trophy perch.


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