In laptop Intel Tiger Rapids integrated the two screen


99.9% of modern laptops are mobile computers with a screen and a hardware keyboard, but not the new Intel Tiger Rapids. This copy has lost the keyboard, but purchased a second good display. Intel Tiger Rapids is a concept laptop, a working prototype of which was shown at Computex in Taiwan in 2018.

The laptop is made in a very simple design and is positioned as a business decision, but he is unlikely to be available in this form, because now it is rather fancy notebook, not a full-fledged laptop. This is proved by the fact that his screens have a diagonal of just 7.9 inches, which is absolutely not conducive to a comfortable work – this was confirmed by many owners of netbooks. In addition, the second screen, replacing the keyboard is built on e-ink, that is, can not give a color image. However, most often it will require the output of the keyboard, plus it can be used as e-books.

Both Intel Tiger Rapids recognize the handwriting data, and the laptop is constructed on platform Intel Kaby Lake and works on Windows 10 Pro. According to the developers, laptop can work 15 hours on a single charge. Recall that the ASUS already have mobile PC of this kind, but the second screen is LCD with a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of Full HD. However, it is also a concept.


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