In Krasnodar, the protesters demanded a referendum on constitutional changes


В Краснодаре пикетчики требовали проведения референдума по изменениям в Конституции

Supporters of the “Left front” in Krasnodar took to the pickets with the requirement of a referendum for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the representative of the organization Evgeniya Klimchuk, the shares are held on city streets.

“As the mayor’s office does not allow us massive event, then we go on modest pickets. In this, no one interferes, we obey the law”, — said Evgeniya Klimchuk.

“Required for the development of amendments to create a constitutional Assembly! To conduct a broad public discussion of the amendments! A referendum on amendments by voting on each separately!”, — read the poster of one of their protesters.

Recall that in Moscow about a hundred people came out to protest near the presidential administration building. They demanded to hold a referendum on the changes to the Constitution.


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