In Kiev, the Museum of the election “feil”. Photo


The first such exhibition.

In the National Museum of history of Ukraine “Museum election of thrash”. The first exhibition of “Grechkoseeva”, campaigning and bribery of voters was organized by the movement “Honestly”, reports the with reference on the Newspaper.

Pay for the ticket is 20 UAH, up to the fourth floor. See a ladder brought from the Donbass Russian army shells hanging on the ceiling.

“Collected 194 exhibit. Want to attract attention, to make people think that voting for a particular candidate. Because what is happening is horror. When the voices sell for buckwheat or a concert”, — says the researcher of the Museum of Roman Gonza. Holds for us a tour.

Most of the exhibits were gathered by the activists of the movement. The rest of the Museum.

The materials were sent to ordinary citizens.

“People say that at home they have such a full. Everyone has agreed something old. Who are younger, have new. Here Zelensky distributes caps. 5-10 years and it’ll be history,” says the guide.

Shows the old posters of Leonid Chornovil and Levko Lukyanenko 1991.

Behind the glass — matchbook from “Blok of Litvin”.

“You’re laughing at the cap of Igor Shevchenko (presidential candidate in the last election. — — says Roman. — Went to the economic forum in Davos, where we handed out hats for free. One in hand, and he scored four, sported these networks. Then he released them EN masse”.

Is the opener for beer “Yanukovych — our President” from the Party of regions in 2010.

“Give all that you want to vote,” continues Roman.

Shows “Letter” of the Russian Federation, which is campaigning for the former President-the fugitive.

The most expensive item is the installation of a children’s swing. It’s not original, but portrays a real event, when a Deputy from the “Narodniy front” in the Chernihiv region gave a swing to one of the courtyards. After the election, this “gift” was dismantled.

A showcase on how elections use children. There stationery, pens, diaries with former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Another showcase of “jeans”, laudatory is Oleg Lyashko. On one of the newspaper clippings, the title is “the hound of Oleh Liashko will protect the border.”

A separate stand with the “seamy side”, in particular President Vladimir Zelensky and Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in the form of “pals”, the third President Victor Yushchenko — “uncle Sam”.

“An attribute of any food packages is alcohol,” says the Museum. Shows at the Kiev champagne “naletim” the former majoritarian Alexei Lutsky. Cups block the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk “wrong”.

Left — Easter. “Here the Deputy Feldman, baked PASOK people,” says the guide. On the cake the words “holiday of Light Easter! Feldman”.

Also can show on the projector is a 30-minute video with political advertising 1999-2014

Every day to see the exhibition come about fifty people.

“Visitors of all ages. Conducted tour grandmothers. Learned about the exhibition from the grandchildren and Facebook. Then they are still his girlfriends lead.

Is often seen laughing. Someone nostalgic, recalls that it was with them.

Said buckwheat take, but do not vote for the one who gives. But the tactics of the candidate moves, people take and someone did vote. Many do not care who they rule, so vote for the actual things that get. Not something ephemeral, what will happen then — the Verkhovna Rada during bills and so on,” says the Museum.

Come to the window “Marshal buckwheat” with a picture of Gennady Korban — the candidate in people’s deputies on the district in Chernigov in the elections of 2015. Underneath, the bags with buckwheat.

Next — fake cake from Igor Kononenko. He brought the dessert to voters in one of the farms in the Kyiv region. The MP appealed to gave the fair some your towel, and other merchandise. While there was no answer.

Next — “fast political help”. Profit even on the diseases of people. See tonometer from Oles Dovgy. The inscription “LONG life I mclogo health”.

“All the other small letters to remember the name long”, — explains the novel and shows further: “Here the haemodialysis unit is open at the initiative of people’s Deputy Ruslan Solara. Now it’s not working and people are suffering.”

Other “gifts” — oil, candy. Bribery considered distributed to candidates things more expensive 57 UAH. Someone “invested”. Others who go over the limit, acting through funds.

Under the wall — second-hand from Ruslan Solara. The voters of the village of Gatne Kiev region were outraged. Like, what does he think we have.

Another majoration Anton Yatsenko distributed in the town of khristinovka of Cherkasy region free Wi-Fi. The network called him a name, password too. Among other things, the social Barber Yatsenko, light show at the fountains in Uman with his portrait.

“Yesterday came a member of the European Parliament, spoke there only of the present, they have elections are pretty boring,” continues the guide.

The exhibition will run until August 10. The day of silence and the election of 20-21 July it will close.

“Have a low level of political consciousness. So we are very easy to manipulate such food packages. Blame yourself that vote for bribery. What we need to do? Read and study the political programmes look at the real deal, not to trust those who have already managed to make a slip in the past. Not be carried on billboards,” says a young employee of the Museum.


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