In Kiev, found a hoard of silver coins


В Киеве нашли клад с серебряными монетамиIn Kiev, found the old coin.

On the territory of the reserve “Ancient Kyiv”, the Institute of archaeology found a hoard of silver coins.

On the finding, scientists said in his blog, the Director of the Department of cultural heritage protection of the Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Nikora.

“About 2 kg of silver coins with denomination of 1 ruble, 50/20/10 cents, in the basement of the demolished in the 70 years of the twentieth century buildings on the territory of the reserve “Ancient Kiev”. Found a treasure of architectural and archaeological expedition of Institute of archeology of NASU, headed by Vsevolod Ivakin,” wrote Nikora.

According to the scientist, the coins date back to the time from 1817 to 1912, and was buried soon after in 1917.

“It’s hard to say why exactly he was buried. However, there is an urban legend, because in the next building was a Bank and it can be assumed that here lived his employee,” explains Nikora.

As emphasized by archaeologists, “in the turbulent years of the Ukrainian revolution, when life, unfortunately, has ceased to be something standing, and Bank employees gave particular attention, the owner hid his treasure in the basement, in order to never to come back.”

Now the coins found their way to the archaeologists and after restoration will be transferred to the Museum of archeology of Institute of archeology of national Academy of Sciences. As stressed by Alexander Nikora, this finding “once again demonstrates the importance of archaeological research in the construction in the old city.”


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