In Kenya, the girl was expelled from school because of the “demonic possession”


В Кении девочку исключили из школы из-за "одержимости дьяволом" The child suffered from seizures, so the school made this decision.

13-year-old Suna West district of Nyeri (Kenya) is now suffering greatly due to the fact that she was expelled from school allegedly due to the fact that she was “possessed by the devil”.

The girl was in elementary school and her first Namame called developomental and suspected that it entices other students in their sect.

After the girl once right in the classroom fell to the floor and huddled in convulsions, the teachers concluded that she was possessed by the devil or demons, and it is necessary to exclude from school.

“A girl just fell and she began to utter strange words like communicated with the spirits. She was very frightened of other children, which is why the school administration made the decision”, – told reporters one of the teachers.

Girl expelled until three weeks, expecting that she will “recover” and go back to normal. Suna herself convinced that she was slandered.

“I blame the fact that I don’t even understand. I like to go to school and learn, and now I’m suspended and I just sit at home and do not know. what to do”.

The girl’s mother rejected any suggestion that her daughter worships the devil or possessed them. She said that after this incident, cried a lot and I’m sure her daughter is not a Satanist, but she probably needs medical help for her condition. The mother says she can’t find her daughter another school.

The Director of the school, Mr. Joshua Siro, said the school drove child only after it was convinced that with her something is definitely not right and that she most likely was under the influence of demonic forces.

“She was caught in a strange behavior and she wanted to involve other children in their strange practices. We took this decision in order to save other children. Many of the students were afraid to come to school because of this girl,” said the Director Siro.

The removal of girls from school was not a proper notice in writing:

“The Board and the entire staff of the elementary school Namame tells you about the unusual behavior of your daughter, which is the manifestation of demonic forces. We recommend that you take her to the prayer,” – said in a letter dated 2 July 2018 sent the girl’s mother.

According to the Director Siro after talking with Sunol, three of her classmates also were observed in temporal seizures. An assumption was made that the girl affected them.

Now the mother wants to appeal for pardon to the Ministry of education. Local human rights activists have described the case as a violation of the rights of the child and want to go to court if the girl does not return to school.

В Кении девочку исключили из школы из-за "одержимости дьяволом"


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