In Kazakhstan will forbid to wear Muslim clothing


В Казахстане запретят носить мусульманскую одеждуAuthorities want to ban clothing that covers the face.

The lower chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliament in the first reading adopted a bill regulating the wearing of clothes (in particular religious), through which it is impossible to detect a person’s face, according to Fergana. Under the ban in the first place, get niqabs and burkas.

As stated by the Minister of religious Affairs and civil society Darkhan Kaletayev, “a ban on the spread of the ideology of destructive religious movements, their attributes, and external signs will provide an opportunity to counteract the infiltration of society is alien to our country ideology”.

The bill is the result of last year’s criticism of religious clothing, short or rolled up at the bottom of the pants and beard from the head of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev.”It does not match any of our traditions or our people. You need to study the issue of the ban on the legislative level”, — he said at the time.

After that, a bill was presented which, in addition to the ban on the wearing of clothes, regulates places of religious formalization of marriage (impossible to join it somewhere else besides the registry office and the mosque), prohibits the involvement of minors in religion without parental consent, and fixes at the legislative level in the regional administrations to control and study the religious situation in the entrusted territory.


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