In Kashmir clashes: four people were killed and there are wounded


В Кашмире произошли столкновения: четверо погибших и есть раненыеIndian and Pakistani military conducted cross-fire in the disputed Kashmir early on Wednesday morning.

The clashes killed at least four Indian military soldier and wounded three patrolmen.

Pakistan denies that he started the fire, and said that its soldiers responded to India’s “unprovoked” firing.

Recently States which both possess nuclear weapons, agreed to a cease-fire in the troubled border and to maintain the cease-fire, which operated for 15 years.

According to the Indian border, Pakistani snipers first attacked the soldier at about midnight, when Indian troops were patrolling the border area in the Jammu region.

As soon as the other soldiers tried to save their fallen comrade, the Pakistani military continued shelling, said two border guards. Three soldiers were killed on the spot and another died later during the evacuation.


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