In Japan, there was an unusual bananas


В Японии появились необычные бананыTheir peel can be eaten.

Farmers in Okayama Prefecture (Japan) learned how to grow unique banana with a perfectly edible rind. Mongee Banana bananas are produced using the method of “freezing and awakening”, which allows you to grow tropical fruits in cooler climates of Japan.

This method recreates the conditions for the end of the ice age about 20,000 years ago. In this period, the plants spring up after a harsh winter temperatures and again began its development.

To grow banana standard size usually need about 2 years. Using new technologies growing time is shortened to 4 months.

Mongee Banana sold in a special package in the mail. The unique crop of bananas is limited. The company D&T Farm produce only 10 fruit a week. The cost of one banana is 648 yen (£ 4,20/$ 5,70).

Bananas with edible peel — GMO. They are sweeter than their tropical relatives, and contain 5 grams of sugar more. Mongee Banana fruits also have a more intense flavor and thin skin. The taste of the banana peel has no astringency, a little more bitter than the fruit itself. The shell is very useful and contains B6 and magnesium, which participate in the production of serotonin (hormone of happiness).

In D & T Farm first freeze the bananas seedlings to a temperature of -60 C, and then thawed them and then thrown into the ground. Thanks to this technology, the “new” bananas grow faster. For food fit only fully ripened Banana Mongee.


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