In Japan, there was a radiation leak


В Японии произошла утечка радиацииWhen working with plutonium broke the tightness.

At a nuclear facility in the Japanese village of Tokai in Ibaraki Prefecture (Honshu island) fixed radioactive contamination.

It is noted that the leak occurred at the facility on development of transformation of plutonium. Radiation levels amounted to 833 Becquerel.

Radioactive contamination around the sealed container was found by the staff of the facility on Wednesday. A possible cause of the leak was the deterioration of rubber gasket that ensures an airtight seal.

It is emphasized that none of the employees has not suffered, environmental damage is not.

Plutonium is a silvery-white radioactive metal of the group of actinides, warm to the touch (due to its radioactivity). Found in nature in very small quantities in ornitolog tar and other ores uranium and cerium, in considerable numbers get artificially.


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