In Japan, the booming cryptocurrency


В Японии настоящий бум криптовалютыThe Japanese are obsessed with bitcoin.

Miss Bitcoin so call now Mai Fujimoto. She has created a platform for investments in the cryptocurrency, and social networks, talks about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

“All the profit I translate to bitcoins, instead to keep their savings in the Bank. ‘ve been doing this for several years,” says Mai Fujimoto, an investor in cryptocurrency.

And Mai in his enthusiasm not alone. In Japan, a boom of the so-called “crypts”.

“After I studied the trends in the cryptocurrency market, that turned out more interesting than investing in stocks. So I switched to cryptocurrency,” says Keiko Nakazato, financial consultant and investor in the cryptocurrency.

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“I can say, on the hook. Even when I go to bed, check courses, can’t live without it,” admitted Tamura Reiko, an employee of the beauty salon and investor in the cryptocurrency.

In December, a third of all bitcoins in the world were exchanged for Japanese yen. Why such a stir in the land of the rising Sun? Explains Miss Bitcoin.

“I think that the legalization of bitcoin has caused such popularity. We have the exchange rate more or less stable. And the currency traders more sell it for bitcoins,” says Mai Fujimoto, an investor in cryptocurrency.

Not by chance the mythical Creator of this currency, Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown. At that time, as China and South Korea cryptocurrency was forbidden, the Japanese government – did not create any restrictions.

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Now with the help of the crypts can be easily found in major retail chains and supermarkets. Some firms have promised to pay employees salary in bitcoin on request.

In the government say is important for a transparent economy. After all the calculations cryptocurrency – frauds cannot be performed.

In Ukraine, the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – not banned, but their money is not recognized.

At the same time to pay bitcoin in a cafe legitimately already be in dozens of countries, the USA, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, and even in Belarus.


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