In Japan special brought chickens to fight cancer


В Японии вывели специальных кур для борьбы с ракомScientists discovered that the eggs of genetically engineered chickens are used for healing cancer.

It is hoped that the strange method that will see that eggs contain essential drugs, will dramatically reduce the cost of current procedures.
Japanese researchers claim that the price of beta-interferons are currently high, but can be halved if you use that method, which the researchers suggest.

In 2017, the beta-interferons are used by doctors around the world to stimulate the immune system to fight some types of cancer, as well as in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and hepatitis.

Japanese scientists explained how they were going to “program” the chickens on the bear “treatment” of eggs. According to them, they use genes that produce beta-interferon in the cells that are the precursors of chicken sperm. The researchers then used these cells to fertilize the eggs and create chickens that have inherited these genes, and this means that birds can lay eggs containing tool to fight diseases.

Japanese scientists now under observation are three chickens whose eggs contain a substance, a few micrograms which currently stand 677 USD.

Birds lay eggs almost daily. The researchers plan to sell the drug to pharmaceutical companies, halving its price, so firms can use it first as research material.

According to the publication, in Japan there are strict rules regarding introduction of new pharmaceutical products.

Today around the world a large part of the cancer drugs that have received European medical license, do nothing to prolong or improve the lives of patients. This result was observed in 57% of cases, approved by the European medicines Agency between 2009 and 2013.

At the same time, various studies have shown that biological treatment is successful in the treatment of kidney cancer, certain forms of leukemia and the deadly melanoma. In these cases, interferon was administered by injection three times a week and stop the multiplication of cancer cells.


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