In Japan mistakenly reported a massive earthquake


В Японии ошибочно сообщили о мощном землетрясенииBecause of the erroneous warning to seismologists of a strong earthquake in Japan, where panic broke out.

Reports of extraordinary threat, sent to millions of people on mobile phones, was the result of a failure in the warning system of earthquakes.

It is assumed that he was associated with earlier forecasts of Japan Meteorological Agency who reported two small earthquakes; however, due to an error they were United in one.

As a result, people received alerts on the push of a magnitude of 6.4, which was to occur in the coastal part of the Prefecture of Ibaraki in the North-East of the country. Instead, there were two soft push with a magnitude of 4.4 and 3.9. They both happened in the sea and produced the destruction on land.

Due to a false alarm of approaching danger on Japanese TV and radio – was temporarily suspended the movement of trains.


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