In its capitalization of bitcoin has overtaken the Russian ruble


По своей капитализации биткоин обогнал российский рубль

Bitcoin has overtaken on capitalisation of the Russian ruble, becoming the sixth in the world currency. This is evidenced by the Bank for international settlements referenced by CoinTelegraph. Bitcoin, in addition to the ruble in its capitalization ahead and the British pound, and Korean won.

This calculation is based on capitalization of bitcoin — the value of the cryptocurrency at the moment multiplied by the volume of the issue. However, this calculation was done at the price of 12,5 thousand dollars for one “cue”, when the capitalization of the cryptocurrency amounted to 210 billion dollars. December 6, capitalization of bitcoin has been even higher — the bitcoin exchange rate once again set a record, breaking the boundary of 13 thousand dollars for one bitcoin.

In the case of the growth rate of bitcoin to 15 thousand dollars, the capitalization of the currency will be higher than the capitalization of the Indian rupee, which is one of the world’s major currencies. Higher capitalization will only have yen, yuan, Euro and dollar, it is still significantly ahead of bitcoin. Thus, the capitalization of the us dollar, for example, is 1.4 trillion dollars.

However, the capitalization of the other popular cryptocurrencies, though not ranked in the top 10, but still is at a fairly high level: Ethereum is a 17-th place, Bitcoin Cash — 20. But the capitalization of air already exceeds the capitalization of the Turkish Lira, Bitcoin Cash in CZK.

But, according to experts, though these figures are, of course, somewhat distorts the real situation in global finances, because the nominal value of banknotes in circulation does not reflect a complete picture of the value of currency, but the statistics still says that bitcoin is gaining weight in global Finance.



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