In Italy, firefighters set fire to forests for premiums


В Италии пожарные поджигали леса ради премий The instigators were detained.

The investigation concerns events of 2015 when it became known that many firefighters and volunteers began to seek to get the team to a 42-year-old Davide Di Vite. During his duty had always been many reports of fires. In the end, firefighters often went on calls, while they were given a prize of 10 euros for each emergency exit.

Di Vita, according to police, regularly personally went to the van to light the fire. Currently, he is arrested. The remaining 14 members of the brigade pending the court remain at large. They are accused of fraud and causing material damage.

Recall that large-scale forest fire on the slopes of the Italian volcano Vesuvius could make the mafia of Naples with cats, which are doused with gasoline, set on fire and released into the woods.


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