In Istanbul reported 17 victims of a collapse at home


В Стамбуле сообщили о 17 жертвах обрушения домаThe building had illegally added three floors.

The death toll due to the collapse of the eight-storey building in Istanbul has risen to 17 people.

Today the place of incident was visited by the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He stated that the incident needs to learn a lesson. The head of state inspected the site of the collapse, which is currently ongoing search and rescue operations.

On the eve of the rescuers managed to pull out from-under blockages of the house 16-the summer teenager. MERT Aydin spent under the rubble 45 hours. The rescuers managed to establish contact with the 30-year-old woman Chamoy cambourg, which is still under the rubble. There can remain alive her two children. In total, according to media reports, from the ruins of the voices of five people.


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