In Israel, the couple divorced because of a review in a social network


Emotional review destroyed the marriage.

In Israel, the man decided to divorce his wife after I read her post on the social network. Married resident in the North of the country left under the post Israeli celebrity and blogger Moran aizenstein careless comment.

The post Moran aizenstein concerned motherhood and marital relations. In his commentary, the woman wrote: “wish I had That. I can’t wait to have it (husband — Ed.) off the top of my life.”

When the woman did not know that this short note will become a reason for divorce. According to counsel women Zohar Ron, her client did not want a divorce because she loves her husband.

“I just wrote a comment to the post Moran aizenstein in the group of “Imus” (“Mommy”), which unites mothers on Facebook,” complained the woman.

Lawyer Ron Zohar says that a woman wrote these words while in a bad mood, and, of course, they had nothing to do with her husband. But, unfortunately, he opened her computer and saw a comment that immediately made a screenshot.

“He sent me a picture and threatened going to court, saying: “I have decided to fulfill your dream, fulfill your desire to get out of your life,” says the author of a controversial review.

Coming to the lawyer, the woman told me that wrote the review is just so out of stupidity. She added that she loves her husband and family and does not understand how such a stupid review in the social network can cause divorce.

Lawyer Ron tried to establish a relationship between spouses, to talk to your husband and explain to him the character of his wife, but there it was: the man hired a lawyer to start the divorce process. The lawyer already stated that the husband clearly wants to get a divorce because “such a remark is not possible just get out of my head”.

The man also canceled a cruise that the family was going to go until the scandal erupted.

“If I really wanted to break up with him, I would have told him so — complaining wife. — Every family goes through crises in relationships, but I’m sorry that a few words became the reason of a complete rupture”.

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According to the lawyer, reason for divorce is “more than stupid”. But when one side is not interested in continuing the relationship, the second can only come to terms with the situation. The lawyer added that, as a defender of his client, will do everything to preserve its rights.


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