In Israel, spoke about the growing number of victims of anti-Semitic attacks in 2018


В Израиле рассказали о росте числа жертв антисемитских атак в 2018 году

Anti-Semitic attacks in the year 2018 claimed the lives of 13 Jews – the largest number of victims over the past quarter century, said the Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett.

Presenting at a government meeting, an annual report of his Department, he talked about a “record surge” of anti-Semitism around the world “on the streets, online, in the political arena”.

“This year has witnessed a very significant number of Jews killed in anti-Semitic attacks since the 1990s” – quoted by Bennett, the press service of the Ministry.


Victims of the three-Semitic attacks on the ground were 13 Jews. The largest of these occurred in the synagogue of the American city of Pittsburgh, where in October killed 11 members of the local Jewish community. Two other cases – the murder of 85-year-old French women Mirelle the knoll in Paris, and 19-year-old student Blaise Bernstein in the United States.


The Ministry said that such losses in the Diaspora has not been since 1994, when an explosion at the Jewish cultural center in Argentina took the lives of 85 people.

According to excerpts from the report, unlike previous years, when anti-Semitic violence around the world often stood as radicalized immigrants from the Middle East, in 2018, it became the main driving force “neo-Nazis and supporters of the ideology of white supremacy”.


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