In Israel, predicted a major earthquake with thousands of victims


В Израиле предсказали землетрясение с тысячами жертв The country is in an unstable seismic zone.

Israel is on the fault line of two tectonic plates, therefore it is not surprising that the country from time to time shakes. At least a century, is one large-scale earthquake.

In 1837 there was an earthquake by force in seven points, then destroyed the city of Safed, also considerable damage suffered Tiberias. In 1927, a disaster strength of six points destroyed the infrastructure of Jerusalem, Nablus, Tiberius and Jericho.

Here in the state again, there is underground activity. The authorities took the decision to organize the conference, which will test the readiness of emergency services to the disaster. According to some reports, Israel is now not ready for seismic activity.

The report of the Knesset of Goldbug from 2004, it was noted that a new earthquake by force more than six points will carry 16 thousand, 90 thousand people suffer serious injuries and 377 thousand people will become refugees.

The recent swarm of earthquakes have forced authorities to think about. The second meeting regarding the disaster will be held in July, organized by M. K. Amir Peretz, Chairman of the Subcommittee on security.


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