In Israel have found the largest Neolithic village


Excavations are taking place in Jerusalem.

Archaeologists have discovered near Jerusalem, one of the largest settlements of the Neolithic period in the world, reports the with reference on the people the truth.

A settlement Dating back to 200 century BC was discovered during preparatory works before the construction of a new entrance to the capital of Israel, in the area Mozy.

“First we find a locality in which 9 thousand years ago lived at least two to three thousand people. Even in our time, this population corresponds to the urban-type settlement”, — said the head of the excavation Kobi Vardi.

Clarifies that buildings in the settlement were built of stone and the decoration used plaster. Between the houses were also located lanes. Archaeologists believe that this is evidence of the spontaneous development.

According to archaeologists, many buildings inside the ancient tombs were found. “People were buried with things that were supposed to serve the owners in the afterlife. These items indicate developed trade connections with distant countries,” says Vardy.


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