In Iran celebrating anniversary of Islamic revolution


В Иране празднуют годовщину Исламской революцииThe Islamic revolution took place in 1979.

In Iran, celebrating the 39th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The crowd in the streets of Tehran burning the flags of Israel, USA and UK. Protesters carry caricatures of Donald trump and Benjamin Netanyahu framed by a Magen David.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine congratulated Iran on the anniversary. “Our congratulations to the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran with 39 anniversary of the Islamic revolution!”, – stated in the message of the Ukrainian Ministry on Twitter.

The Islamic revolution took place in 1979. Pro-Islamic-minded opposition toppled the Pro-Western Shah and established a new administration headed by Ayatollah Khomeini. In Iran adopted a new Constitution, according to which Supreme power belongs to the clergy. Women were obliged to wear the hijab, in art and the media censored.

Recall that in December-January on Iran, a wave of anti-government demonstrations. 10 February it became known about the death in jail of Iranian-canadian scholar who was detained during protests.


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